Matt Cardle Hair Transplant

X Factor winner Matt Cardle discusses his hair transplant

X Factor winner Matt Cardle has spoken out about his decision to undergo a second hair transplant with HRBR, Hair Restoration Blackrock, in Dublin, Ireland.

matt cardle hair transplant

Matt first visited HRBR in 2011, after he had won the X Factor competition the previous year. Matt said of the decision, “I first noticed I was losing my hair probably in my late twenties, more so when I was actually on X Factor, and you have all the lights and cameras around you. I thought, ‘wow, that doesn’t look as thick as it used to!”

“It’s a confidence thing at the end of the day. You feel confident with a full head of hair and if there’s an opportunity to maintain that and hold onto that for a little bit longer then I don’t see why not.”

Second hair transplant

This year Matt decided it was time to visit HRBR for a second time as he wanted to add more density and depth to the original transplant area. Both of Matt’s hair transplants were performed by the experienced Consultant Surgeon led team at HRBR, who have treated both Louis Walsh and James Nesbitt in the past.

Speaking about Matt’s transplant, his surgeon at HRBR said, “Matt was delighted with his first hair transplant which he had with us in 2011 and decided to return to add density to the area. He decided to keep his first transplant private, but, following on from the success of the first transplant, it has given him the confidence to discuss his hair loss more openly”.

 Hair loss advice

Matt hopes that his speaking about his hair transplant will help others who may be suffering with hair loss. He said, “There are thousands, probably millions of guys out there losing their hair. If it bothers you, there is something you can do about it. For a patient it’s straight forward, it’s painless and it’s totally worth doing. Before you know it your hair is transformed on your head and you can really see the difference.”

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