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Do I Need to Shave My Head for a Hair Transplant?

The simple answer to this question is no. To answer the question fully we need to discuss the strip surgery technique “FUT” and the FUE technique of removing hair from a patient’s donor area. See here for more information on the differences between FUT and FUE hair transplants. For an FUT procedure at HRBR there

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Does Laser Hair Removal Work on Grey Hair?

Achieving the most effective laser treatment depends largely on a patient’s skin and hair colour. In laser hair reduction the best response is seen with dark hair and light skin. While grey, white, blonde and red hair rarely respond at all. Laser hair removal works best on light-skinned, dark-haired individuals because the light from these

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HRBR at ISHRS Conference 2019

INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF HAIR RESTORATION SURGERY “ISHRS” ANNUAL SCIENTIFIC MEETING Bangkok, Thailand 13th -16th  November 2019 The ISHRS is the principal academic forum at which current and novel science (relevant to the treatment of hair loss) is presented and peer reviewed. Scientists and hair surgeons from all parts of the world attend in an effort

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