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Travelling from the UK

Dublin is an easy place to get to from the UK by both air and sea. There are direct flights to Dublin from London’s Heathrow, Luton, City, Stansted, Southend and Gatwick airports, with an average flying time of just one hour from any of these. Two ferry companies operate the route from Holyhead to Dublin.

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Location and Maps

Samson House hair clinic Dublin HRBR hair clinic Dublin has its own dedicated and purpose built facility at Samson House in Blackrock. Samson House was specifically designed as a hair transplant clinic and only hair transplant procedures are carried out there by our specialist hair transplant surgeons. Samson House hair clinic offers patients their own

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Mission Statement

Introduction Hair Restoration Blackrock is a medical organisation, based in Blackrock, County Dublin, Ireland, exclusively dedicated to treating the symptoms of patients with hair loss. The organisation is led by our Medical Director, Dr Maurice Collins FRCSI, who has practised as a head and neck surgeon in the Blackrock Clinic for more than 20 years.

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Samson House

About Samson House In 2008 HRBR moved from the Blackrock Clinic to its own dedicated and purpose built facility at Samson House. Samson House was specifically designed as a hair transplant clinic and only hair transplant procedures are carried out there. Samson House offers patients their own private waiting rooms for the duration of their

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Doctor Profiles

Hair Restoration Specialists There are currently four consultant surgeons and two consultant dermatologists on the team at HRBR in Dublin. See their full professional profiles below. If you would like to arrange a consultation with one of our hair loss specialists, please contact us by completing this form.   Dr Maurice Collins Consultant Surgeon MB, B.Ch,

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Our Team

Hair Restoration Specialists The team of hair restoration specialists at HRBR extends to our experienced surgeons, nurses and technicians involved in hair loss treatment and the hair transplant procedure. Our team is led by Irish surgeon Dr Maurice Collins FRCSI, who has over twenty years’ experience in microscopic surgery. Dr. Collins is Medical Director and Team Principal

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Choosing a Team

For the attention of prospective HRBR patients. It has come to our attention that a number of other hair transplant clinics in the UK and Ireland are claiming to be associated with HRBR and its surgeons. We would like to clarify that Dr. Maurice Collins, HRBR’s founder and medical director, has no association with any

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Hair Classification

The Norwood Classification A system of hair loss classification is useful in helping doctors compare one patient with another. The Norwood Classification is the one commonly used for male pattern baldness. There are two basic patterns, the most common of which is where hair loss starts in two different areas – the temples and the

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The Psychology of Hair Loss

Hair loss is not just a physical issue. It can also have a significant psychological impact. This impact may be more obvious for women but the effects on men should not be underestimated. Hair loss can result in anxiety, withdrawal and depression. Considerable research has been undertaken to more clearly understand the psychological effects of

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Hair Physiology

The hair cycle Hair grows in groups of 1 to 4 hairs called hair follicles. We are born with all the hair follicles we will ever have in the scalp(approximately 100,000). Hair follicles replenish themselves by going through three phases, the Anagen phase, Catagen phase and Telogen phase, known as the hair cycle. This is

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