I had little doubt that the surgery would make me look and feel better and few worries about the stigma of doing it. As Maurice said ‘’by the time people realise you have had it done the effect will be so positive that people will totally get why you did it!’’
The real benefit to me of having undergone the surgery was the impact it has had on my attitude to my whole body! It has given me the impetus to shape up a bit which at my age is essential if you want to keep mentally and physically active. So one thing led to another…and perhaps a more important outcome than more hair is a fitter me.
Preservation of more than just my hair will be the enduring legacy for me.

In December 2012 I decided to have a hair transplant with HRBR. I booked a date for July 2013 and spent the intervening months saving hard and eagerly anticipating the change which 2000 follicular units would make to my receding hairline. The idea of being cosseted for hours by Dr. Collins’ team while I watched DVDs was particularly appealing. It would contrast sharply with my previous experiences of surgery which were anything but relaxing. In 2005 I had my third angioplasty procedure to open blockages in my arteries and suffered all the trauma which accompanies life-saving heart surgery. Suffice to say I wasn’t watching DVDs while my cardiologist cleared the pathways to my heart.

Right from the start the staff at HRBR made every effort to make me feel comfortable. They made great effort into making sure that you do not bump into other clients in the building which I felt was extremely important for my anonymity. When I was speaking with the nurses and doctors in HRHR it became quiet clear that they were not money driven as they clearly explained to me that surgery was the very last option for me and that I should explore all other option 1st which I did.

A picture speaks a thousand words…. When I look at this picture I realise how unhappy I was, I don’t see myself I see an image I don’t like. This went on for too many years. I spent years in despair. In 2012 I saw an advert on television. It was one I’d seen many times but this day I wrote down the number. I called HRBR. It wasn’t easy to do. I had seen hair transplants that did not look good, would this work for me? Can I afford it? Do I really want it done? I was finding every excuse not to go. But I did go. I didn’t tell anyone where I was going.

It might be difficult to understand how a man in his 20’s with damaged optic nerves and only 7% sight in both eyes could be bothered by the fact that his hair is falling out. But when I found myself in this position the hair loss became a major source of discomfort for me. The poor eyesight is currently incurable by the medical profession and so I have come to accept it. The hair loss on the other hand is a problem that is treatable and I desperately wanted to treat it…