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My experience with the professionals

I always look forward to the review with Maurice and the team as I believe that the people in HRBR are 100% interested in my hairloss concerns, they hear my expectations and my views towards surgery. But most of all what I have experienced very comforting about my discussion about surgery is that they offer their expertise and guidance to give a realistic expectation to what the outcome will be. My own expectations to restore my twenties looks are soon revalued and my understanding of how I would actually look after surgery is soon realised as Maurice utilizes his experience and professionalism to bring me down to earth, he reminds me that I’m in my mid thirties now. (thank you Maurice) He will not promise the sun moon and stars if it is not realistic. The fact is I can have what I ask for but how I will look is just as important for the Team of people in HRBR as they want the best for you and I realise there is a true caring nature to how the result should be the best possible for the individual…

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It is now 9 months since I underwent the procedure at Samson House and I am writing to say how absolutely delighted I am at the outcome. I first consulted with Dr Collins in August 2011 as I was concerned at a small amount of sun damage to my scalp caused by the diminishing amount of hair cover over the years. At the age of 63 I had great doubts as to whether the procedure would be effective in covering the sun damage and in providing additional protection from the sun in the future. Dr Collins was hugely reassuring, wonderfully professional and my partner and I decided that I should go ahead. All aspects of the procedure itself were carried out in the most professional, relaxed and rigorous manner. The staff were superb and Beverley, in particular plays an outstanding role within the organisation…

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I am writing this for all men anxious about their hair loss, I’d encourage you to do extensive research but most importantly seek a reputable experienced hair loss clinic who have years of experience and the best surgeons available. I’m a thirty one year old man and became very concerned with the steady progression of my hair loss in my mid twenties. So four years ago I decided I needed to do something about it. The job I have means that I deal with clients on a regular basis and thus my appearance is very important to me. Unfortunately for me I made a rash decision and went to a commercial hair loss establishment where I dealt with various sales people promising x,y and z. I proceeded with the procedure and was left totally dissatisfied. Since then I have gone to a reputable clinic and have been extremely satisfied with the care I have received. Don’t make the same mistake I did, It’s one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

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I started loosing my hair gradually over the last 10 years and wanted to do something about it. I’m a very confident person so that wasn’t the issue but I looked better when I had more hair so I didn’t see why I should accept my condition. When you are getting a transplant you are getting an operation performed on the most visible part of your body so it was very important for me to get the right medical team. I didn’t look for the cheapest or the dearest. I looked for the best. What I expected was to find a medical team with facilities equal to any of the best hospitals around…

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To the older men out there, I would like to share my experience with you.

I am an active 65 year old who took early retirement over two years ago and have focussed since on pursuing my many interests which include hill walking, cycling, golfing and gardening. Good health, fitness and appearance have always been important to me, and I now had more time to devote to these key areas.

While I had the energy levels of a 55 year old, a regular glance in the mirror reflected an image of an older balding man. Unfortunately I inherited my father’s genetic condition of “pattern baldness”, which left me bald on top, and greying on the sides. I have to admit that I was not happy with the image, and I had pursued many various remedies which came to nothing…

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I have recently undergone hair transplantation at HRBR and would like to share my experience of dealing with HRBR. I’m 51 years old and about 5 years ago I noticed my hair was receding from the front. As time passed, the loss of hair became increasingly noticeable. I can’t say my confidence was affected, but I was interested finding out if my hair loss could be arrested or even reversed.

I researched hair loss on Google and found literally hundreds of sites offering drugs, laser guns, wigs, synthetic hair, human hair, you name it, it was on offer. The vast majority of products were accompanied with so much hype they didn’t seem genuine. I didn’t know where to turn. Then I came across a video on Youtube… was a Late Late show interview with Dr. Maurice Collins and some patients who had undergone treatment at HRBR. I was impressed by the depth of knowledge and sincerity of Dr. Collins. He wasn’t ‘selling’ or ‘hype-ing’ anything, but explaining the treatment available at HRBR, and the results to be expected. The fact that HRBR was in Ireland was a huge plus…

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I started to loose my hair (noticeably) in my late teens – by the time I was in my early 20’s it had become very noticeable

Back then, late 1980’s, it was very uncool to discuss hair – thinking about it now, it was very uncool to have your hair shaved which of course is all the rage today

Having thought about it for some time and not knowing anything about hair restoration, I decided to have a ‘blade two’ hair cut done. In those day’s, I worked for a west end of London surveying company and I would have been client facing. Image was important!…

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I am now 61 years of age. I had four children during my twenties and my thick, long hair started to thin and develop bald patches after my first child was born. This seemed to correct itself after my last pregnancy until I reached my forties when the problem become progressively worse, particularly affecting the top of my head and my hairline.

I found this difficult to handle and in spite of myself became a little obsessive about the situation, finding myself focusing on my hair whenever I looked in a mirror, something I avoided if possible. I also became very reluctant to be photographed…

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Dear Dr. Collins,

I just want to thank you and your staff for transforming my life in the matter of a twelve hour period. Since my first initial contact with Hair Restoration Ltd, I felt confident that I was dealing with a thoroughly professional and capable organisation.

My hair began receding over a gradual period from the age of 21. Since then I became paranoid about my hair loss. I foolishly got plugs inserted, which left my appearance altered to such a state, that in later years and especially the last two years I became self-conscious about my appearance. Going to social occasions, swimming (wearing a swim hat) and even being out and about on a windy day were stressful and a logistical nightmare to me…

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Its amazing how after my hair transplant how my self confidence has grown like my new hair. It has changed me as a person i now go three times a week to the gym.

I can look in the mirror and see my new hair makes me feel better inside and feel younger looking. Thanks to Dr.Collins and all the team in the clinic.


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