HRBR team at ISHRS conference in Bangkok

INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF HAIR RESTORATION SURGERY “ISHRS” ANNUAL SCIENTIFIC MEETING Bangkok, Thailand 13th -16th  November 2019 The ISHRS is the principal academic forum at which current and novel science (relevant to the treatment of hair loss) is presented and peer reviewed. Scientists and hair surgeons from all parts of the world attend in an effort

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Best hair transplant centre the the world - Samson House

Reviewed & Updated: January 2022 Travelling to Turkey for a Hair Transplant – Here’s some advice. With the advent of the internet and cheap flights travelling for medical procedures has become attractive for many people. At HRBR, our reputation globally means that many patients travel from all over the world to have their hair transplant procedures

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does a hair transplant hurt

One question that we are regularly asked by our patients is does a hair transplant hurt? The majority of HRBR patients are more than comfortable both during and after their hair transplant surgery but occasionally a patient says he / she had some discomfort or mild pain. A hair transplant procedure is carried out under

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