Hair loss treatment for men

When considering hair loss treatment for men the first stage in determining the optimal hair loss treatment option is the consultation process with one of our qualified doctors. The consultation comprises four elements: reassurance; proper assessment; counselling; and monitoring.

Depending on the outcome of this meeting, there are three possible scientifically proven courses of treatment for men suffering from male pattern hair loss. In summary, the treatment options are:


There are two US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved medications which have proven effective as a hair loss treatment in more than 80% of male users with hair loss. These medications can slow down the hair loss process but will generally not regrow hair where it has been lost.


For those patients who are suitable candidates for hair transplant surgery, Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Transplantation (URFUT) or Follicular Unit Extraction are the gold standard in the transplantation of hair from the back of your head (which is immune to hair loss) to the areas of your head where you need it. Hair Transplant Surgery is a permanent hair loss treatment for men, the hair that is transplanted is not affected by the balding process and will, therefore, be on your head for the rest of your life.


Combination therapy is a combination of both medical and surgical treatments. The medical treatments generally slow down the hair loss process while the surgical treatments address the areas where hair is lost and that generally will not respond to medical treatment.

For female patient’s the hair loss treatment protocol is different – please see our page hair loss in women for more details.

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