Professional Standards

The assessment and treatment of hair loss is an unregulated area and, unfortunately, there are unscrupulous commercial clinics willing to exploit the fears and concerns of those who are suffering from hair loss. At HRBR we regularly hear stories of unsatisfactory outcomes, and even “botched” surgeries.

We would strongly urge you to research hair loss before proceeding with treatment. If you do decide to have a hair transplant you should find out as much as possible about the person who will perform the surgery and be confident that they are qualified to do so. Obviously, as a hair transplant is a surgical procedure, the first step would be to make sure that you are dealing with a qualified surgeon.

While not everyone reacts favourably to the medical treatments for hair loss or is suitable for hair transplant surgery there are, sadly, those who have received unsuitable and even damaging hair loss treatments. Our surgeons have repaired the scars from poorly executed hair transplants for many patients who have been left deeply unhappy with the treatment they have received elsewhere.

In an effort to help those who wish to complain about a doctor who has provided poor quality assessment and treatment, we would direct you to the Irish Medical Council Professional Standards webpage where you can get information on the simple procedure involved in complaining about an Irish doctor.

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