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Content reviewed and updated: April 2024

How soon after the procedure will I be able to resume work?

Most patients undergoing an FUT procedure will return to work 3 days following their procedure. Most patients undergoing an FUE procedure will wait up to 2 weeks before returning to work to allow some of their hair to regrow as the entire head is shaved when undergoing an FUE procedure.

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It is not possible to wear a hat for two weeks following either procedure as this time is required to allow the hair to become secure in its new location. Therefore, patients with jobs that require the wearing of a hard hat, helmet etc. should plan for 2 weeks away from work following their procedure.

Is it a good idea to keep the scalp covered by a hat or hair-piece?

No hats or hair pieces can be worn for 2 weeks following surgery as detailed above.

Continuous use of hair pieces is not encouraged as the scalp needs to “breathe” in order to heal optimally. However, those who wear hair pieces may continue to do so until the transplanted hair has grown, provided the hair piece is not worn continuously. Caps or hats may be worn as desired.

Growth of the transplanted hair is normally seen at 6 months following surgery with the hair normally fully grown by 18 months.

How soon can I exercise after treatments?

It is recommended to avoid strenuous physical activity for 4 weeks post operatively for FUT hair transplants and for 2 weeks for FUE hair transplants. This is to avoid the stretching of the scars.

What about swimming?

Swimming in a swimming pool is not permitted in the first two weeks following surgery to avoid infection as the water can contain chemicals as well as harmful bacteria and should be avoided until the healing process is complete. Gentle sea swimming is possible during this time.

FAQ Video – Returning to Work

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