Those with Male Pattern Hair Loss at Higher Risk of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is reported to be the most common type of cancer in Ireland, but did you know that a large proportion of all skin cancers are diagnosed on the scalp. Studies have shown that patients suffering from male pattern hair loss are at a higher risk of developing squamous cell carcinomas and basal cell carcinomas than those with full heads of hair.

Read the full study Male pattern baldness and risk of incident skin cancer in a cohort of men – PMC (

Every year at HRBR, thousands of patients with male pattern hair loss attend for advice on treating their hair loss. Of these many attend with significant sun damage on their scalp, from keratosis to skin cancers. Often the sun damage is worst in those with the most advanced hair loss. Hair can provide an excellent protection for your scalp from harmful UV rays but when you start to lose your hair this protection reduces. For many patients they have lost a significant amount of hair from their scalp before their hair loss becomes evident to them and those around them.

Therefore it is important for everyone to consider their scalp and tops of ears when applying sun protection and a wide brimmed hat can also be very helpful in keeping harmful UV rays at bay.

male pattern baldness and risk of skin cancer
Applying sun cream to the scalp

At HRBR restoring a patient’s hairline can not only restore their sense of wellbeing but can also serve to increase their protection from the sun on their scalp for the rest of their life.

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Or for more information on skin cancer visit the Irish Skin Foundation or the Irish Cancer Society or speak with your GP.

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