Hair Transplant Financing Options – How to Pay for your Hair Restoration

The cost of carrying out a quality hair transplant can be considerable, so investigating your finance options is important. Hair restoration surgery at HRBR involves a team of highly skilled medical staff and technicians. In fact, there may be over 20 technicians, nurses and surgeons working on each patient. So, how do our patients pay for their hair transplants?

Financing a Hair Transplant – Savings

Some HRBR patients start their hair restoration journey with the FDA approved medical treatments. While this is not a permanent solution to hair loss, it can be an excellent first option as it helps to stabilise the hair loss and allows patients the time to save for a hair transplant if appropriate.  A hair transplant is, however, the only permanent solution to hair loss.

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HRBR Finance Option

HRBR is working closely with AIB in regards to offering finance options to our patients who reside in the Republic of Ireland. Financing on this scheme is subject to usual lending conditions and offers a ready-made, discreet solution for patients who would like to use the option of a personal loan to finance their hair transplant procedure. Applicants can apply over the phone, online or alternatively can opt to meet with our dedicated AIB Relationship Manager on site at HRBR or at in their local branch. AIB offers Loan approval within 3 hours (certain applications may take longer) and you can work out estimated monthly repayments here:

To find out more about AIBs finance options please visit

Spreading out Hair Transplant Procedure

This is a good option for patients who wish to spread the cost of their hair transplant out over time. Several HRBR patients have done this. For example, patients have an initial hair transplant of 1,000 grafts transplanted, and as the cost of a hair transplant at HRBR is calculated on a per graft basis, there is no additional cost to undergoing the procedure in stages.

Finance – Advice on taking out a loan

Nobody needs a hair transplant, it is elective surgery so we urge any patient considering a personal loan to weigh their options up very carefully.  There are several useful tools available to calculate the cost of credit and assess your ability to repay. Here are links to MABs (Money Advice and Budgeting Service) and the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission website for more information on personal loans.

Hair Transplant Finance Information

For more information about hair loss treatments at HRBR and to discuss our financing solution, please contact our team on (01) 209 1000 or


The contents of this page should not be considered as financial advice, it should be taken as general information only.