Sam Khalaf Hair Transplant One Year later (with Pictures)

Sam Khalaf, father of YouTube star and presenter of the BBC series ‘Queer Britain’ Riyadh Khalaf, had a hair transplant at HRBR just over a year ago. Sam and Riyadh are both being treated at HRBR as they suffer from the same condition, male pattern hair loss. Riyadh is managing his condition with medication, which has stabilised his hair loss. Sam, on the other hand, proceeded with permanent treatment for his hair loss – a hair transplant. He recently returned to HRBR to review the results of his hair transplant one year later.

Sam’s Hair Transplant at HRBR

Riyadh documented Sam’s hair transplant experience at HRBR, which gives a great behind the scenes look at what happens on the day of a hair transplant at HRBR. See the video of his consultation and surgery below.

Results of Sam’s Hair transplant one year later

As you can see from the images, the results of Sam’s hair transplant have been excellent.

Sam Khalaf hair transplant one year later - front


Sam Khalaf hair transplant one year later - crownIt is just over a year since Sam’s surgery and the transplanted grafts are growing extremely well. The transplant looks very natural and his facial framing is excellent. Sam is still taking medication and using Regaine foam to support his hair growth and limit further loss.
Most importantly, Sam is delighted with the outcome. Many people are telling him he looks younger and his wife is very happy with the result, as is Riyadh.

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