James Kavanagh’s Hair Transplant at HRBR

Irish social media star and television presenter James Kavanagh recently attended HRBR in Dublin, Ireland for an FUE hair transplant. On the day, James had over 1,900 grafts or over 4,000 hairs transplanted. James’ surgery was carried out in one day at the purpose built hair transplant clinic in south Dublin.

James Kavanagh Hair Transplant at HRBR

The FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

For the procedure the entire of James’ head was shaved. James opted for the FUE procedure, as the scarring following this procedure can be less obvious in very short hair as it is more spread out than the linear scar from an FUT transplant. This gives James the ability to cut his hair very short when styling it in the future. For patients that do not wish to shave their head for their procedure the FUT technique is recommended. HRBR is a world expert in this technique.

Why James Chose HRBR

James also travelled to Istanbul in Turkey to research his options. However, he found the clinics there very sales focused. Find out more about his experience in Istanbul in this video

For this reason, he chose HRBR in Dublin for his transplant, as he liked that he was not pushed into a decision on how to treat his hair loss at the clinic.

James has documented his hair transplant journey on his Instagram and YouTube channels. From this you can see how well James looks in the hours and days after his procedure at HRBR.

James himself says of his day of surgery that he was “shocked by how easy the whole process was”.

Here is James’ video about his experience at HRBR

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