Laser Hair Removal and Covid-19 at HRBR

An understandable concern for our laser hair removal patients given the current Covid-19 restrictions is; “Will the interruption of my treatment affect my overall laser hair removal results?” We are delighted to reassure you that the results you have achieved thus far should not be affected by the break in treatment.

HRBR’s focus is providing excellent care and obtaining even better results. Each of our patients are at different stages of their treatment plan, therefore once HRBR’s Laser Hair Removal Clinic reopens in the coming months we will customise a plan for you so that your laser hair removal will be back on track. If our laser specialist feels that your results may have been affected by the Covid-19 shutdown, we will work with each patient to ensure that they get the best results possible.

Current Laser Hair Removal Patients

In the meantime, we advise all our current laser hair removal patients to continue to shave as an alternative form of hair removal.

For those of you that have availed of treatment packages, you will pick up where you left off once our clinic reopens.

Please visit our Covid-19 update on our website to see how we are ensuring both our patients and our teams health and safety at this time as well as updates on the expected date for reopening of our laser hair removal service.

New Laser Hair Removal Patients

For those who are considering starting your laser hair removal journey, we are offering phone consultations at present. This will allow our laser specialist to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for laser hair removal, provide you with information on how laser works as well as its benefits and risks.

We look forward to seeing you at HRBR in the not too distant future.

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