New Hair Transplant Technology for Post Hair Transplant Healing and Graft Growth

What is ATP?

ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) supplies energy to all cells in our bodies. ATP is depleted during hair transplant surgery as the blood supply to hair grafts and therefore oxygen supply is temporarily interrupted. The loss of ATP can result in reduced or delayed graft growth following a hair transplant.

Dr Bill Ehringer while professor at the University of Louisville found a way of delivering ATP directly to cells and his solution is now used in both wound healing following surgical operations as well as in hair transplantation. The use of ATP ensures the maximum possible graft growth as well as healing post procedure. ATP is used during the hair transplant procedure as well as after, results are achieved because the ATP solution delivers energy back to the cells.

The Results of ATP Use

The results of the use of ATP at HRBR have been so good that patients returning at 6 months following their procedure had marked improvement in growth and healing at that early stage. In fact, some patients were seeing growth as early as 3 months following their procedure, something that was not usually seen without the use of ATP.

Why is ATP Considered Hair Transplant Technology?

Few hair transplant clinics worldwide use ATP during their surgeries. The solution is costly and for most the additional expense means they opt not to use it. We believe that no transplant should be carried out without the use of ATP. It contributes to optimal results by maximising the viability and growth potential of the transplanted hair follicles.

HRBR and the Use of ATP

HRBR has used ATP graft holding solution in every one of its hair transplant procedures since 2015. This solution is also provided to all of our patients following their procedure in a spray bottle in order to help healing in the hours immediately following their hair transplant. Thus allowing our patients to return to work usually 3 days following their procedure without anyone being aware.

At HRBR there is no additional cost for ATP, all patients receive this beneficial solution during their hair transplant.
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