Gerry Anderson’s Loosing It

HRBR feature in BBC television documentary “Gerry Anderson’s Loosing It”. BBC Northern Ireland radio broadcaster Gerry Anderson is going bald and has decided to do something about it. The BBC film is his personal journey through the ‘International World of Hairloss Treatments’. Gerry Anderson meets with Dr Maurice Collins of HRBR.

From the BBC website: “Gerry Anderson is losing it; his hair that is. And if it wasn’t falling out already he’d be tearing it out trying to find a solution. He’s not alone. There are 7.6 million men in the UK who suffer from some form of hair loss. He was 25 when he first noticed it was thinning and for Gerry, enough is now enough. Hair loss is one of the last male taboos and Gerry is determined to confront it head on. He wants to know how to stop his getting worse. He’s visited chemists who have offered various hair care products but he doesn’t need hair nourishment now, he needs hair refurbishment. Gerry is not one to suffer in silence as listeners to his BBC Radio Ulster show well know. His problems are his listeners’ problems and vice versa. Lots of old wives tales and folk remedies have been suggested but to no avail – the hair is still receding. It’s time for drastic measures. A hair transplant is one option. He visits a Dublin surgeon who is one of the world’s leading authorities in hair transplants; he is also the man responsible for actor Jimmy Nesbitt’s new hairline. The job can be done if Gerry wants to go through with it. Next he travels from Dublin to the US, visiting people as diverse as a beauty queen with alopecia and the man who made Sinatra’s wigs. In the end Gerry has a decision to make… is losing his hair that important to him? Gerry Anderson’s Losing It was made by Erica Starling Productions for BBC Northern Ireland.”.

The program is due to be re-broadcast late 2013. Originally broadcast September 2012.

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