Hair-raising doctor proves Louis has ‘X Factor’

By Niamh Horan

Publication :
Date: 11/ 12 / 2011

The man who carried out music mogul Louis Walsh’s hair transplant has been invited along as the star’s honoured guest at the X Factor final in London tonight.

The music manager was so happy with the work of Dr Maurice Collins (it’s called Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Transplantation) that he has asked the doctor along to the star-studded end of series celebrations.

Speaking before the show, Dr Collins described how he and Louis have become good friends — but was keen to point out that his list of clientele extends beyond high-profile celebrities.

Lifting the lid on Ireland’s growing penchant for hair loss treatment, Dr Collins, who takes in 250 patients a year, explained: “Hair loss is a great leveller. Although I have a very, very high number of celebrities coming to see me, so far this year I’ve also seen two priests, three TDs and a nun. People from all walks of life come through my door.

“Why shouldn’t a priest get a hair transplant? He has as many confidence problems walking up to speak at a pulpit at Sunday mass as anyone else would. The nun . . . now she was a surprise.”

The renowned specialist says Walsh is now trying to convince Gary Barlow to treat his prominent bald spot.

“Louis says he feels better about himself already. But if you think the results are good now, wait for another year, when the hair has fully grown.

“About a year ago I suggested to him that he should dye his hair and I thought he looked all the better for it, and then he came to me to ask if he could get this treatment done.”

Speaking about what motivates his clients to undergo the procedure, which can take up to 12 hours, Dr Collins explained: “A 45-year-old man has a mental age of 25 — possibly less. And if he feels 25 and looks in the mirror and sees a balding man staring back at him who looks more like a 55-year-old, then he’s going to want to do something about it.”

And what of the price tag of up to €30,000?

“Cost doesn’t put people off. People spend the same amount on a car. I had a crane driver who came into me who had been saving for years telling me that money was no object as he had his heart set on getting it done. But then a High Court judge couldn’t afford the procedure after his assets were taken into Nama. So you can never tell.

“People see it as an investment. Just sometimes it could take them years to have the courage to pick up the phone and get it done.”
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