Patient Testimonial, Dublin, 2005

If you’re going bald and are considering wearing a wig – please don’t!!

I started going bald in my early 20’s and while some people told me to shave my head i felt very self conscious about my appearance. I looked around to see what solutions there were and was bombarded by all kinds of options from hair plugs to wigs. As a young man I was embarrassed to talk to anyone about it so not wanting plugs in in my head i opted for a wig. I was assured that it would improve my life, my confidence and how I felt about myself. Instead it ruined every bit of confidence i ever had. The truth is it didn’t look natural at all, i felt extremely self conscious and i knew that everybody was taking about it. The problem with a wig is that once you get one you feel completely trapped as now it’s harder to go back.

Instead of enjoying my 20’s i spent the time worried about what people must have thought of me. It made so many things much more difficult that should have been easy. Holidays and sun were a nightmare, while swimming was awkward as you were always hoping it would stay on when you dived in. I also loved all kinds of sport, but with a wig it made contact sports difficult and sweating made it pretty unhygenic. Also, i realised that the companies offering these wig services were over promising and under delivering in terms of the product and what it could do and the after care service was poor.

When i saw HRBR adverts i decided to look into it. The fact that they had a well renowned surgeon in Maurice and the support of the Blackrock Clinic gave me the confidence that at last I could talk to someone about hair loss who knew what they were talking about. For me, HRBR was never about having a full head of hair, it was about getting my confidence back and i love the look i have which is of a person who’s thinning gradually on top.

The best advice i can give you if you are wondering what you should do with your hair loss is DON’T GET A WIG as it will affect you mentally and not improve your appearance. What treatment you decide to go for is your own personal decision. But if you decide that you don’t want to shave your head and let yourself go bald then I’d recommend talking to Maurice and the team as they’ll give you an honest opinion and they won’t try to sell you anything. They’ll explain the treatment and how it works and you can then make up your own mind.

My main reason for writing this is that I don’t want another young person who is feeling the uncertainty that I felt to make the same mistake I made. Good luck with your decision.

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