Patient Testimonial, Manchester, May 2011

I did not take the idea of having a Hair Transplant lightly. Although I knew that I was loosing my hair, which had started to take over my life, and daily activities more than I had realized. However, it still took much consideration and research to finally take the steps to do something about it.

The hardest part of all, was finding the information on Hair Transplant Surgery. i.e The best Surgeon and Transplant Team.

The information I found was quite limited. Also I did not feel that this is a subject, that you can discuss with your peers. All I wanted was for my hair to look natural, once I had the transplant and not to look artificial in anyway.

Thanks to the internet and newspaper articles. I found Hair Restoration Blackrock (HRBR)

The HRBR website is very informative, and therefore held many answers to my questions.

Having made an appointment for my consultation. I went to see Dr Maurice Collins, at the very prestigious and impressive state of the art Hair Restoration Centre at Samson House Blackrock, Dublin.

What I liked about HRBR is the fact that your consultation, is with the surgeon who would potentially be performing the Hair Transplant Surgery, and not a Sales Person.

Dr Collins made me feel at ease at my consultation, I felt relaxed enough to ask him all the questions about my hair loss. My thoughts of a Hair Transplant procedure. And most important the type of result, I could expect after surgery.

Dr Collins informed me that my hair loss was at quite an advanced stage, all over the top of my scalp. His prediction was that over the next 10 to 15 years, the majority of hair which is present would disappear. However, he did go on to say, that I was a viable candidate for a Hair Transplant. Due to my donor hair being plentiful and of good quality. In addition to surgery, he suggested that I take the approved Medication, Finastreide and Minoxidil, to improve the quality of my hair, and prevent further hair loss.

Upon leaving Samson House, with all the information I needed. The only thing left for me to do, was to decide if a Hair Transplant would be the right choice for me.


On April 19th 2011, It was surgery day, I met again with Dr Collins, Joanne and the Transplant Team. I knew that today, would change my life, and only for the better.

The Team took great time in the reconstruction of my new hairline, and also bringing my hairline forward. This was more than I inwardly thought could be achieved, to which I was more than pleased, taking into account the advanced stage of my hair loss.

After this I went into surgery, I instantly sensed the teams professionalism, and that they were striving for perfection, and to get the best result they could for me. The whole day was dedicated solely to myself. Overall, I found it to be a very pleasant experience, I had no pain at all during Surgery. And I felt very excited to see the end result.

Approximately 12 hours later and just before, it was time for me to leave HRBR, Dr Collins and his Team. I was shown my new hair for the very first time, I found this a very moving and breath taking moment. It was above, and beyond all my possible expectations. With over 3,700 grafts to the front and mid scalp.

The results were astounding, and most of all my hair line looked completely natural, and not artificial in anyway. Which was something that had always been a great concern to me.

I followed my post operative instructions, given to me by HRBR, including spraying and how to care for my new grafts. It was also reassuring to me, that if I had any concerns at anytime, I could contact them, even out of surgery hours, nothing was to much trouble for them.

It is now over three weeks post operative, and I cannot wait for my new hair to grow. It has given me a new lease of life, even though it is still in its very early stages, I do feel that this Hair Transplant has regained my inner confidence. I have found the entire experience life changing. It is only now that I have realized even more, what I have been missing in my life … MY HAIR!

I would recommend HRBR to anyone considering a Hair Transplant. Dr Collins and his Team are second to none.

I cannot thank HRBR, Dr Collins, Joanne and all the Team enough for what they have done for me.

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