Mark and April Williams

“About 10 years ago I noticed, like a lot of men, that my hair was thinning, which was quite a big issue to me, it was a major concern. I was devastated to be truthful. I felt the main thing was that I looked a lot older than I did. I didn’t want to get my hair shaved off. I know there are a lot of guys out there who do shave their hair off and they look absolutely superb with it, but it didn’t sit comfortable with me to do that.

And then once we found here, it’s an amazing place, absolutely amazing. When we actually come in, I had a gut feeling that this was definitely the place, the investment that has gone into it, the equipment, the technology; the team.

It really is at the highest standard.

Dr. Collins spoke to us. He spoke frankly and openly. He told me exactly what we could achieve. He wasn’t giving any false promises. All the team here, they’re all perfectionists, professionalism, friendly. Even on the day of surgery I had nerves and I wasn’t even having it done so what you felt inwardly I have no idea but they all put you at ease. And to see him walk through the door it was a different man that I left in the morning and it’s changed you for the complete better.

Basically say if you’re locking the car up or you catch yourself in a window, and you look and say, “wow there’s hair on me head!” It’s an absolutely feels a fantastic feeling. There’s not a day goes by when I don’t look in the mirror and say “that is the best decision I made”. It has totally changed my life, it really, really has.”


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