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Choosing a Team

When choosing a team to help you with your hair loss problem it is essential that you take certain factors into consideration. The level of experience and expertise of your chosen team will directly impact the success of your treatment. You should be realistic about the possibilities and understand how hair loss treatments work. Another important issue, for those considering a hair transplant, is the amount of donor hair that is available for transplantation as this is crucial to both the extent and success of the surgery. You should carefully consider the following factors:

Donor hair

Donor hair is like having a sum of money in the bank. When you have reached the stage of having a consultation with your surgeon no further deposits are allowed to the bank of hair, i.e. the donor hair is a finite amount.


For this reason the cost of the transplant should not be the determining factor. Preservation of good donor hair follicles is vital. A cheaper transplant by a team doing poor quality work may prove more expensive in the end than a top quality job done by an experienced professional team which actually costs more.


It is absolutely critical that donor hair is handled and treated with respect as no new hair can be created. At the end of the day it is the adequacy of the donor supply that is the only limiting factor in hair transplants.

The surgeon

When choosing your transplant team start by considering the surgeon who is leading it. Does the surgeon work and live in Ireland?. If any problems or questions arise after the surgery, it is nice to be able to call and see your surgeon which is impossible if he/she has just flown in for the day from another country.

Another important factor is the doctor’s surgical experience. Unfortunately a lot of people offering hair transplant surgery have little training in surgery and virtually no surgical experience. Dr. Collins, an expert in hair transplant surgery, also has fellowships in general and head/neck surgery, from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Edinburgh and London with over 20 years experience in microsurgery. Our other two surgeons, Drs Joseph O’Connor and Brendan Fogarty, have over 30 years combined expertise in the surgical field.

The facility

The old image of hair transplants being carried out in the basements and back streets of Dublin is finally gone. Our new state-of-the-art building, with all the very latest technology, is situated at Samson House, Blackrock, County. Dublin.

An international team of qualified nurses and technicians has been gathered together to assist the surgeon who is the team leader. A considerable amount of time and effort have been put into the design and ergonomics of the facility so that the staff consistently perform top quality work.

Patient comfort

A lot of clinics will sedate their patients quite heavily so that they are in a drugged state during the procedure. With our technique very little, if any, pain is felt. We like our patients to be fully conscious so that they can converse with the transplant team. The very latest entertainment equipment is provided for the patient to make the whole day a relaxing and pleasant experience. Patients are encouraged to bring their own CDs and DVDs or they can choose from the DVD library provided.

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