Hair transplant before and after photos

Hair transplant before and after photos

Hair transplant before and after photos

The best way to see the results of a good hair transplant is by looking at before and after pictures. The same is true for the results of patients following a medical treatment plan for hair loss. Ideally photos should be taken 18-24 months apart.

Preferably these photos should be taken by a trained hair transplant surgeon with professional photographic equipment. At HRBR the pre-treatment room and each of the surgeon consulting suites are fitted out as professional photographic studios.

When a hair transplant is done properly, by a team of well-trained surgeons, nurses and technicians, the results should not be visible to the untrained eye. Not even your barber should be able to see the surgery results. Don’t hold it against him. Take it as a compliment.

A very large number of men who have had hair transplants with HRBR have never told their partners, family or work colleagues they have had a hair transplant.

Hair transplant before and after photos

There are three reasons so many men are able to keep their hair transplants a secret.

  • Firstly the newly planted hair follicles fall out after transplantation with only the root remaining. New hair then grows naturally from the transplanted root, taking approximately 12-18 months to grow to a normal length. The results are therefore not apparent overnight, but over time, which is why most people rarely detect when someone has had a hair transplant
  • The second and the most important reason a transplant can remain a secret is because it is done by an experienced surgeon and his/her team. All hair transplant surgery involves minor scarring. Whenever the skin is broken scarring occurs, no matter how small the incision. An experienced team will however ensure minimal scarring.
  • Lastly, an experienced surgeon or technician will skilfully plant the transplanted hair into the crown or forehead in a manner that looks natural and is invisible to the untrained eye. The transplanted hair will be placed at different angles so as to create the illusion of more hair and result in a natural look.

Appropriate sized hairs and groupings* need to be placed and dispersed so as to create a natural hairline on the forehead. Have a look at a few people near you and at their hairlines. Nobody has a straight hairline. A straight hairline would look un-natural. There is a great skill in recreating a natural hairline, especially when each and every individual’s needs, hair type and head are different.

Therefore, only a good set of juxtaposed before and after photos, taken 18-24 months post-procedure, can truly show the results of a quality hair transplant.

*hair naturally grows in small groupings of one, two, three or four hair follicles. Hair transplant before and after photos

Below are a selection of before and after photos and links to more photos.

For a full gallery of before and after hair transplant photos click here.


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