Hair Transplants – The downside to an unregulated industry

Maurice Collins, Medical Director and Team Principal of Hair Restoration Blackrock (HRBR), comments on an article that appeared in this week’s Daily Mail.

He said, ”This article in the Daily Mail (published 22.1.14) shows the potential down side to hair transplant procedures in an unregulated industry. While the results of a good procedure can be life changing, unfortunately so too can the results of a poorly executed hair transplant. Patients must ensure that they are looked after by a properly qualified surgeon. In an unregulated industry it is essential that patients do their research and above anything else the patient must have confidence in the surgeon, the team and the facility that is looking after them.”


From Wayne Rooney to James Nesbitt, the list of celebrity men who have resorted to hair transplants to revitalise their balding manes is a long one.

As a result, inquiries about the treatment have shot up by 260 per cent over the last 12 months while 59 per cent of men say they would consider the treatment if they started losing their hair.

But as Michael Avola, 49, an unemployed former martial arts champion from Northampton knows only too well, the fiddly surgery doesn’t always go to plan. Read More…

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