Good things happening

Good things are happening. I don’t think I have mentioned it before but, as well as having my own business, I also have a big interest in acting and film. I trained as an actor many years ago. On one particular occasion a good number of years ago now I was on a set and, in the middle of the shoot, everything stopped. I was confused as to what was happening. The next thing was I was taken by makeup into a room and the next thing I knew they were trying to cover up my hair loss by adding black makeup and spray etc., not one of the best moments in my life I can tell you. In that particular moment I realised that my hair loss was impacting my acting career.

Why am I writing about this now you might wonder? Well I think it’s important to let you know how hair loss impacted my life. I think if you are suffering from hair loss it is hard to talk about some of the things that may affect you as a result and we want to keep it to ourselves and not discuss it with anyone. I think I may have told one or two people this story and not many more.

Since going to HRBR, which is now four and a half months ago, I have got back into acting, got in with a great theatre/film group and I also have new headshots, one of which you see here. The interesting thing about all this is that I don’t think I was even conscious of how much hair loss was affecting me. I thought I fully accepted that I had lost my hair and that I should just get on with it. Looking back, I don’t think I ever fully accepted it. Deep down, I always wanted my hair back.

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