My hair loss story

My name is Gary and I would like to share with you my experience of losing my hair. I had a great head of hair in my teens, I would compare it to Hugh Grant’s. In fact I used to think I had too much of it, it would annoy me. Then one day I looked in the mirror and I couldn’t believe it, my hair was starting to recede. This came as a big shock to me. Losing my hair, NO WAY. I immediately went out and started getting all the products, Rogaine etc., hoping this would help me in the fight to keep my hair. I was living in the States at the time and went into my local Chinese barber. The woman cutting my hair commented that I was losing a lot of hair every day. This was my worst nightmare confirmed and also it was another person who noticed it. I was in a terrible state, I really did not think I would lose my hair. I then found a product which was like paint and used to cover my head in it every day, it did work but I knew it was a short term solution. Then I saw an ad for a product called “The Hair Club for Men”, the ads looked amazing, I thought wow, this looks great. I went down to see them, paid a lot of money and got fitted with a mop of black hair on my head which was not mine. It was uncomfortable and did not look real, I did not like it, I wanted it off and was happy to be rid of it.

At that point I had to accept that my hair was going. I had seen some advertisements when I was in the States about hair, but I guess with the bad experiences I had had with The Hair Club I decided that it was best just to leave it. When I hit 30, I had no hair, in fact I just shaved it and got on with it.

10 years on.

My brother called me and told me to tune into the Late Late show. I was amazed at what I saw, Dr Collins had done a miraculous job with his patients. They both had full heads of hair. I sat up and it was in that instant I decided I wanted to go for it. I had no doubt in my mind. It was like a light went on which was off for many years previously. That Monday I rang the clinic and left a message to see Maurice. That evening, I broke the news to my wife, she was 100% supportive. I also told a few of my friends that I wanted to do it and they were also totally supportive and encouraged me to go for it if it made me happy.

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