Patience is a virtue

Hi there, I’ve not been doing a lot of blogging lately, where does the time go? Anyway, my new hair is still growing nicely –it’s important to point out at that I am using the FDA approved medication I have been prescribed and Rogaine on a daily basis. I take a quarter of a tablet which helps keeps the original hair I have and Rogaine which helps support the growth of the new hair. I now have a routine of applying it once I get home in the evening. Maurice told me that you can expect to see very good results if you do take both of them.

These days are probably the best part of the process for me as things have started to settle down and growth is happening on a daily basis. I know it takes a bit of time to get there, and it takes patience, but it’s worth the wait.

Over the weekend, another person came up to me and said that they thought I had changed in some way but that they couldn’t put their finger on it. You do get quite a bit of positive attention…. so enjoy it!

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