The Pre-operative Assessment

Went for my pre-op assessment. Spent quite a bit of time filling out questionnaires to find out if there are medical issues. Had my blood pressure taken, weight, all fine. The nurse also looked at my donor area and I was happy to hear that I have got great density in my donor area, which means that there is a lot of hair which can be transplanted on the day. I was not sure about how good my hair quality was. I was then wired up and had an ECG to check my heartbeat. All fine, thank goodness. The team have been really good and it gives me a lot of confidence to see that everything is checked so carefully. I have learned that Maurice and his team are perfectionists. Nothing is left to chance, his team pay attention to every detail.

It’s really starting to get close to the big day now. I am getting a bit nervy about the procedure. I am excited though to get it done and see the results. Maurice has been clear with me that it does take time for the new hair to grow, so it’s a bit of a waiting game once I get the procedure done. Again, I have full support of my friends, family and the team in the HRBR, which is critical.

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