Christine Blundell Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Christine Blundell Eyebrow Hair Transplant-HRBR-before-after

Hello, my name is Christine Blundell. I’m a make-up artist. I live in London and I am 53 years old, 54 next week.

The story. I had my eyebrows done here at HRBR. I had them done two years ago, and the story behind me having them done, was a very personal one. I plucked my eyebrows when I was 17, and they never grew back and I spent most of my life drawing them in, and it used to really frustrate me.

As I got older, I think as my hair got sort of like thinner in the eyebrows, it was just getting more and more noticeable. You know, I could live with really thin eyebrows, I really could, but I didn’t want to.

I kind of started to think you know you must be able to do hair transplants onto eyebrows and things and my friend Alison Millar had just done a documentary on hair transplants and she recommended HRBR and she said I should really come and have a talk with the people here as they was definitely leading the field.

So I came over to Dublin. I felt very at ease after having the talk, and very comfortable in the fact that they wouldn’t do the procedure, if you like, without it being a good result, really at the end, and that was kind of one of the main things, in my mind, sorta set me at ease, was the fact that it wasn’t just going to be a yeah yeah we can do it. You know I kind of wanted an objective view, of whether or not this was going to be beneficial.

I was slightly nervous. You know, but I was kind of more excited. You know I was kind of excited because I had done my homework. I knew I was coming to a good company. I’d seen result with the hair transplants and things, and I was willing to kind of be, offer myself up as my own personal guinea pig. So that I could show actors and whoever. If they wanted to see the results. I am quite open and happy to talk about them.

So I kinda underwent the procedure. It was all done in one day. I didn’t feel a thing. I kind of remember it being really quite a pleasant experience and we sorta like drew on the eyebrows beforehand to make sure that I was happy with them.

I was very pleased with the actual results, and then it kinda goes through a very itchy stage after about two weeks. And then it all settles down. All this time, my eyebrows looked a little bit red. But they didn’t actually look like I’d had a big procedure on them, which I was really really pleased about. Because obviously I didn’t want to sorta hide in my house for two weeks.

So I was pretty much up and about after probably second day, third day. And then they kinda start falling out. You kinda go through a bit of a patchy area for about a month. And then it all comes back. And that’s it. You’re up and running. I don’t even really think about my eyebrows now.

I just get up in the morning and get on with it really. I kinda feel that my face has a stronger feature. Every time I look at pictures before my eyebrows it just felt very weak. I feel it’s a lot stronger now in definition.

I am very happy with the results. I would totally recommend anyone to have it done. I would have it done again in a heartbeat. Yes, I would totally recommend it, definitely.

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