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Patient Testimonial, Co.Durham, England, July 2012

It is now 9 months since I underwent the procedure at Samson House and I am writing to say how absolutely delighted I am at the outcome. I first consulted with Dr Collins in August 2011 as I was concerned at a small amount of sun damage to my scalp caused by the diminishing amount of hair cover over the years. At the age of 63 I had great doubts as to whether the procedure would be effective in covering the sun damage and in providing additional protection from the sun in the future. Dr Collins was hugely reassuring, wonderfully professional and my partner and I decided that I should go ahead. All aspects of the procedure itself were carried out in the most professional, relaxed and rigorous manner. The staff were superb and Beverley, in particular plays an outstanding role within the organisation.

The support after the procedure was just as good. Beverley and Dr Collins were wonderful in soothing minor concerns that I had following the operation. The sun damage has not only virtually disappeared but it is also extremely well covered by the flourishing hair growth. Though the initial purpose of having the procedure carried out was to deal with the sun damage, I am absolutely thrilled at the cosmetic outcome that the newly grown hair provides. Quite simply, when I look in the mirror each morning I see myself with the hair cover that I had when I was 30 and I love it! Friends and family are both amazed and also delighted for the effect that it has had upon my life. To sum up, I can unreservedly recommend the procedure and the HRBR organisation and consider the whole process and outcome to be outstanding value for money.

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