Patient Testimonial, Dublin, October 2011

I have recently undergone hair transplantation at HRBR and would like to share my experience of dealing with HRBR. I’m 51 years old and about 5 years ago I noticed my hair was receding from the front. As time passed, the loss of hair became increasingly noticeable. I can’t say my confidence was affected, but I was interested finding out if my hair loss could be arrested or even reversed.

I researched hair loss on Google and found literally hundreds of sites offering drugs, laser guns, wigs, synthetic hair, human hair, you name it, it was on offer. The vast majority of products were accompanied with so much hype they didn’t seem genuine. I didn’t know where to turn. Then I came across a video on Youtube… was a Late Late show interview with Dr. Maurice Collins and some patients who had undergone treatment at HRBR. I was impressed by the depth of knowledge and sincerity of Dr. Collins. He wasn’t ‘selling’ or ‘hype-ing’ anything, but explaining the treatment available at HRBR, and the results to be expected. The fact that HRBR was in Ireland was a huge plus.

I thought about the matter for couple of months and then decided to make an appointment for a consultation at HRBR. First impressions are important, and when you arrive at HRBR, you cannot fail to be impressed at how organized and professional the whole set-up is. The offices a facilities look so clean and bright, and there is no waiting around for appointments. I met Dr. Joe O’Connor who spent 1.5 hours thoroughly examining and photographing my hair, and discussing the various treatment options available. He tested my hair and advised me that I was a good candidate for hair transplantation, i would need about 1200 – 1500 grafts, and the whole procedure could be completed within a day. I was given a book on hair transplantation, along with a dvd outlining the procedures available at HRBR. Using this information, I opted for hair transplantation.

There was a pre-op visit to determine hair density and discuss what my expectations were and what was practical. There was a lot of emphasis on the cosmetic outcome from hair transplantation, including likely future hair loss. After the analysis, I was advised that approx 1400 graft transplantations would be required.

A month later, it’s 7.45am and I’m arriving at HRBR, somewhat nervous, for my operation. Before the procedure Dr. Collins introduces his operating team, as they review and finalize the areas for hair transplantation. I did feel a little self conscious sitting on a stool while everyone looked at my head from all angles, using laser and marker to finalise the transplant areas. You do have the reassurance that, with such experienced personnel, the final plan will be the right one. The final say on what happens is up to the patient.

Then it’s straight into the operating theatre, no time is wasted. Local anaesthetic is applied to the scalp, donor hair extracted and placed in the recipient sites. I just laid back, watched DVD’s and let the team do their work. The procedure is fairly painless. Seven hours and two films later everything was complete. Looking in the mirror afterwards, I was amazed that my patches of receding hairline were now planted with new hair….MY hair. Such a huge, and permanent change, in one day.

Post op, you do need to take great care of your transplanted grafts. You and your misting bottle will be inseparable companions over the next 3 days, but if you just follow the HRBR instructions, everything should be fine.

For me, the whole experience has been very positive. Dr Collins and all the staff at HRBR have been thoroughly professional and courteous. They are extremely knowledgeable about their chosen field and have state of the art facilities at their disposal. It has been a month since my transplant, and I know I can call HRBR if I have any queries. I always felt I was in good hands and would not hesitate to recommend HRBR to anyone seeking advice or considering treatment for hair loss.

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