Hair transplant patient after 3 months

First of all the reason I don’t want to give my name on this testimonial is that I don’t want my name on the internet for everyone to see so please don’t let that prevent you from consulting with HRBR. It is possible to get my phone no. from HRBR if anyone would like to consult with me but again I will remain anonymous. I first consulted HRBR in September 2009 I was extremely nervous on my first visit especially as I suffer from anxiety from time to time and you can imagine how anxious I would have been on the first occasion especially if anyone I know would have seen me. Right from the start the staff at HRBR made every effort to make me feel comfortable. They made great effort into making sure that you do not bump into other clients in the building which I felt was extremely important for my anonymity. When I was speaking with the nurses and doctors in HRHR it became quiet clear that they were not money driven as they clearly explained to me that surgery was the very last option for me and that I should explore all other option 1st which I did. Over the years I annually visited HRBR and finasteride worked well. In late 2014 I finally decide to go ahead with the procedure as I was still unhappy with my hairline and I know eventually it would go further in the wrong direction. I also had experienced depression and I had done everything else in my power to cope with and prevent both depression and anxiety and I felt that hair loss was the only thing that I could not change any other way.

The day I paid the deposit was I great weight off my shoulders! I was delighted that I had finally made the decision to go for it! HRBR were outstanding. Even the B & B they recommend was so professional I felt extremely reassured the night before the surgery. The day of the surgery was very relaxed and reassuring. Everything was seen to. The first time I seen the new hair in I was sorry I hadn’t done it a few years earlier. The team reinforced what I had to do for the followings hours and also asked me to come in the following day for a check up. The surgery day and night was long but well worth it! Now I can’t wait till next year when I see the full benefits of the surgery.

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