Patient Testimonial, Ireland, February 2011

My experience at Sampson House HRBR as a wheelchair User

As a wheelchair user, I, Brian, would like to share my positive experience of HRBR at Sampson House with others.

I am a spinal injury T3 / T4 and last year decided to look into doing something about my hair loss. I carried out a Google search for hair restoration and found Sampson House HRBR in Blackrock, Co. Dublin. I phoned to make an appointment, stating that I was a wheelchair user. The receptionist told me that this would not be a problem since the building is fully accessible for wheelchair users.

Setting out for my first appointment and having been sent very detailed directions, I found that Sampson House was quite easy to find. Arriving for the first time, I parked my car outside the front of Sampson house clinic where there is a designated disabled parking space. I didn’t use the underground car park provided on my first visit since I wasn’t sure how to enter it. I found the access to the building itself quite easy. The reception area was easily accessed after buzzing the intercom, which is at a good height and easily reached. The front door is of a good width and easily accessed.

On all occasions the HRBR staff at Sampson House were very friendly, helpful and considerate. The reception staff accompanied me in the lift to the first floor, before inviting me to wait in a very pleasant, wheelchair accessible waiting room. Tea, coffee and television are provided in the waiting room and a fully wheelchair accessible toilet is available the same floor. I discovered that it had the appropriate handrails fitted at the right height and would be easily accessible and operational for any wheelchair user with use of their arms.

Shortly after arriving I was brought to the examination room to meet Mr. Maurice Collins who I found to be very professional and easy to communicate with. Mr. Collins carried out a full examination of my scalp and proved very understanding of my concerns. He advised me on my best options and I departed Sampson house that day confident that my hair appearance would improve over the course of the next twelve months. Following advice provided by Mr. Collins on my first visit, my hair thickened somewhat and on my second visit to the Clinic the following July, we were both very happy with the progress made.

On this subsequent visit I used the underground car park and found access to Sampson House very manageable for a wheelchair user. On my second visit I decided to have some graphs implanted in one area of my head where I was balding. I booked surgery for February 2011 and attended the clinic for the pre-operation in early February. At this stage I was getting familiar with Sampson House and its environs, and encountered absolutely no problems as a wheelchair user.

I had my hair graphs’ surgery at the end of February 2011. On the morning of surgery, as is natural for any operation, I was a little nervous. However, I found the whole procedure a pleasant experience. Never at any time did I have difficulty with transferring on and off the theatre tables from my wheelchair. Gel cushions were provided for the theatre tables especially for my comfort and for the prevention of any red marks. Entertainment was made available to me and music that I had selected in advance of the procedure was provided on the day during the graph transplants, which contributed to the fact that I felt little pain or discomfort. I felt that everything was done very professionally.

Although I had initially considered driving back home after the procedure (home is two hours drive north of Dublin), I took the option to stay in a hotel in South Dublin, and afterwards was delighted with this decision. For the night immediately following my operation I booked a wheelchair accessible hotel situated close to Sampson house. That night I followed the post-operation instructions of spraying my implants with salted water every 15 minutes. I had my post-operation check up the next day and was told that everything had gone well and that the graphs were a great success.

I was a little nervous going to HRBR about my hair loss concerns and had at one stage even considered shaving all of my hair off. I am so glad that I made the decision not to do so and instead that I went to Mr. Maurice Collins at the HRBR clinic for advice.

I now have a better appearance and more self confidence and would certainly recommend anyone with concerning hair loss to visit the HRBR.

If you are a wheelchair user I hope that my experience can help you in your decision making and encourage you to visit the clinic. I too had my concerns, but as evidenced by my story, I went trough through the procedure problem-free. What’s more, I am very happy with the outcome.

Kind regards

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