Patient Testimonial, Dublin, February 2011

To whom it may concern,

I am a 38 year old male who underwent a very successful hair restoration procedure at HRBR in March 2009 and I wish to outline my expereince of hair loss and hair restoration at HRBR.

I first noticed my hair beginning to thin on the crown of my head in my mid twenties. I was a little concerned and changed my diet and began more exercise to reverse the situation. However nothing I did worked and by the time I was 30 my hair loss was becoming a very real concern to me and was affecting my personal confidence and my social life.

I saw adverts in the newspapers internet for various types of tablets and hair sprays which I tried but nothing worked. I was very upset by my continued hair loss which was getting worse and I believed nothing could stop what nature was doing to me. Then I saw a programme on RTE which featured Dr. Collins and HRBR and it seemed that the results achieved were excellent. It took me about 6 months of thinking about it before I made an appointment. I was concerned that I would be the victim of a “hard sell” or being convinced to undertake a procedure that I did not want and could not afford.

However, when I had my first consultation with Dr. Collins there was no discussion about having a hair restoration procedure, instead he asked me questions about my hair loss, took phototgraphs of my hair loss and started me on finestiride tablets and Regaine. I realised he was interested in my overall health and well being and that he understood the very depressing effect that hair loss was having on me. Even though I was personally in a very vunerable emotional position there was no pressure what so-ever put on me to undertake a procedure which only increased my trust in Dr. Collins and HRBR.

After a number of months taking the tablets and Regaine not only halted my hair loss but new hair started to grow which I was delighted with. Indeed the process was so gradual that none of my work colleagues even noticed. I had 6 monthly consultations with Dr. Collins and stayed on this course of treatment for about 4 years. In that time Dr. Collins did not raise the issue of a procedure however I was curious about it and did ask him a few general questions.

After 4 – 5 years on the tablets I noticed that their effect was starting to wear – off and I did not want to lose my hair for a second time so I raised the possibility of having a procedure with Dr. Collins. Again there was no pressure to pursue this course of treatment but given that I had been a patient for 5 years I had 100% trust in HRBR and I knew that they were exceptionally professional and used state of the art procedures and equipment. Both myself and the team worked together as to what areas of my hair loss the procedure would focus on. Given that Dr. Collins had photographed my hair loss over a period of about 5 years the team knew the exact pattern of my hair loss and this meant the most targeted and natural result could be achieved.

I did not feel nervous or apprensive about having my procedure as I knew that the skills of Dr. Collins and his team and the facilities in Samson House were world class and that I would receive the very best care. It is now 1 year since I had my procedure and the results have been exceptional. I have a healthy and natural looking hair line which is absolutley undetectable and even my Barber could not tell that I had a procedure completed. It was a huge benefit to me that in the weeks and months after the procedure that I could pick up the phone and speak to Dr. Collins or any of his team and indeed arrange an appointment at very short notice if i needed too.

The benefits to me of having the procedure have been numerous. I look and feel younger, I feel much more confident and healthier and my personal confidence has improved beyond measure. I can go to pubs and clubs and feel confident enough to talk to people without feeling self conscious. When I am out socialising I no longer seek out dimly lit areas where my hair loss could be disguised and I have stopped wearing baseball hats!!.

I still have some hair loss to the back of my head and perhaps down the road I might consider looking at how that can be addressed. However I am still enjoying the current results and when people meet me face to face they see I have plenty of healthy natural hair to the front of my head which is what i really wanted to achieve from the process.

The most important result is that my overall health and well being have improved hugely and my self confidence has returned which is a brilliant feeling.

My sincere thanks and gratitude to Dr. Collins and all his team at Hair Restoration Blackrock.

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