Patient Testimonial, Dublin, February 2011

Letter to a Young Man who is considering getting a Hair Transplant Procedure

To Whom It May Concern,

If you are reading this letter, you are lucky because when I was in your position I wish somebody had written such a letter for me to read. I appeal to you to read this letter and don’t make the mistakes I made.

I am writing this letter for two reasons,

Reason Number 1

Because Dr Maurice Collins asked me to! This man really does care and he wants help you. Maybe Maurice may not agree with me writing this (and I hope he leaves this in) but I can see that money is not the number 1 motivation here. This man can and does change lives. He has seen the horrors of what has been done to people like me and wants to help. If you have any doubts, then I tell you…. DON’T!!….you have come to the right place

Reason Number 2

If reading this letter helps even one person to avoid what I went through then this will make me feel better. I was de defrauded, I was mutilated and I was humiliated. I am too scared to go public and confront the culprits so this is my way of dealing with what happened to me. I will carry the scars associated with my mistakes for the rest of my life

Here is my story,

As in the other the other testimonials, in my early 20s I started to lose my hair and felt the same way as any young man would. The problems with my hair dominated my life. I studied all the options in the Sunday Papers, there was not many and I went with what I thought was the best option. This is where my nightmare years began. It’s difficult still to admit but I was fooled by the sales patter of people who I trusted.

My “treatments” spanned over the period of 20 years and I will just say that I also wasted a huge amount of money. I started out by getting artificial fibres into my head, Bad advice! They did not work. They caused regular infections, broke, fell out and looked totally un natural. Even though I have had them removed, these procedures have caused permanent damage to my skin.

The next thing I was sold was a hair transplant. I had 3 in the space of a short time, when the initial results looked promising I thought that finally my problems were solved. However after a time, long after the money was paid over and the company didn’t want to know me any more I began so see in the mirror that once again I had made the wrong choice. My hairline wasn’t natural and what I didn’t fully realise what the mess the so called surgeon had made of the back of my head. I don’t want to talk more about what was done but suffice to say that I will never be able to wear my hair short again and cannot show in public my hair, when wet.

The story only gets better when I finally discovered Maurice and his team. I would agree with everything said in the other testimonials and my story is long enough without repeating the outstanding service that the HRBR team provide.

To end on a positive note. My situation has changed for the better. My hairline has been improved on and the damage and the scarring at the back of my head have also been attended to as best as it can be. Maurice was honest with me from day one and I appreciated when he told me that he could not do miracles but assured me that he would do his best. He did not fail me on that promise. What also heartens me also is that while there is not much more that can be done, the contact and the checkups will still remain.

I still have hope and I am much much happier with my lot.

So to repeat once again if you are a reader with I’m sure lots of doubts if you are considering going with a cheaper option , please take my advice and take your time and don’t rush into anything.. Don’t let yourself be fooled like I was.

Hope this helps and Thank you Maurice and all at HRBR

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