Patient Testimonial, Kildare, May 2009

Hi Dr. Collins,

I hope you are keeping well. I have been meaning to email you for quite some time to express my gratitude to both you and your team at Samson House for the level of professionalism and patient care shown towards me over the last 2 years. I am very happy with the results you achieved through last year’s scar repair and hair transplant.

Needless to mention, the overall experience was in stark contrast to that of my first surgery in the states back in January ’08. Even after my first consultation, I felt reassured and secure in the knowledge that you could repair the damage and 1 year later, that is exactly what you did. I am 16 months post op now and probably near the end point as far as the results are concerned. The scar is nothing to what it was and the 860 approx grafts have made a big improvement to the receipient area. Given what you had to work with, it was an amazing job and I am very grateful to yourself, Jo and all your team for helping me to turn the page on what had been a difficult period.

I think that more work may be needed in the new year as the receipient area on the right hand side is still a little thin/patchy in areas but that is something we could look at during my next consultation. For now though, I am quite happy not to be preoccupied with hair loss or pending hair transplant surgeries and again this just goes to show how much further along we are compared to when I first met you in 2008. It is no longer something that I am in a panic about or that is to the forefront of my mind all the time – which is probably why it has taken me so long to send you this email.

I look forward to seeing you all in January.

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