Patient Testimonial, Monaghan, Nov 2008


Before I tell my story I’d like to just thank Maurice, a true gentleman, Jo and the rest of the team who do fantastic work.

My story:

I wasn’t even twenty when I realised I was losing my hair. I was devastated. To some people that would be no big deal going bald but to me it was everything. I decided to do something about it so I went by an ad I saw in the Sunday World, what a mistake that turned out to be. I was sold a transplant by a salesman which turned out to be a complete disaster. Then they covered it up with a hairpiece. I thought this was as good as it could get, so for over 10 years this is what I settled for.

My confidence was at an all time low. My social life was nil. Even when I did go out I was always conscious, thus never enjoying myself. I even started wearing caps from when I got up in the morning till I went to bed at night. I just had enough.

I saw Maurice on Nationwide one night and I was really impressed with what I had seen. So I went to see Maurice and told him my situation. He listened, then gave his opinion and told me to go away and think about it, absolutely no pressure.

I discussed it with my family, they too were very impressed so I decided to go for it. On the day of the transplant I felt so comfortable throughout the whole procedure, very professional. 12 months on and I’m a completely different person. My confidence has grown big time. Now I have a head of hair and it’s the real thing. The rest is history. Again thanks to Maurice and his team for giving me my life back.

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