Patient Testimonial, March 2014

Dear Dr. Collins,At first I was a little apprehensive about spending such an amount of money on my appearance. It is important to be patient in the months after the transplant as the results take time to appear. When the hair starts growing the impact that the transplant has on daily life is substantial. It immediately takes years off and improves how you feel about yourself. Everyday I feel better about my appearance and myself. As a result I am happier, take greater care of my health, and am enjoying life more. It was so depressing losing my hair it felt as if there was no point bothering about my appearance. Since having the transplant I have taken greater care with my health, lost over a stone in weight through more exercise and a more careful diet. I seem to have more energy and confidence. I have enjoyed my holidays. I feel younger. I have had a number of difficulties at work and I was much more confident in my dealings with others which helped bring about a resolution. What is so surprising is that I thought this was a cosmetic procedure. The impact of the transplant has been of far greater psychological benefit than I could ever have imagined. I just feel better and am living a better life. Everyone says I look very well, less tired and fresher. Not one person has ever mentioned my hair or seems to notice why I am looking well.I think anyone who has any anxieties about their hair loss should consider having a transplant.

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