Patient Testimonial, July 2013

I have just returned to Samson House for my six months check up. I had plugs implanted into my scalp in the 1980s which left me with an unnatural hairline. I had become paranoid from the age of 21 about my hair loss and had the plugs inserted. To date not one individual has commented on my new hairline. My new hair is growing at a phenomenal rate and my confidence is back. It really is so difficult to put into words about my euphoria with the ongoing growth. The last time this happened I was about six months old and not aware of the benefits! Each day there is growth and I am told by Dr Collins that this growth continues for about 1 1/2 years. The operation and its results are an absolute miracle to me and I would recommend to anyone who has had plugs to do something about it. While the cost of the operation was relatively expensive there is no monetary value in terms of the positives, the increased confidence, self worth and not having to hide a disfigured hairline.On a daily basis it has changed how I am living my life.

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