Treatment of Scars

In 2021 I had brain surgery which left a very noticeable scar on the back of my head. This caused me severe anxiety going out in public and in social situations, therefore I could not leave my home. I investigated this issue online and learned that a hair transplant into the scar area was a possibility. I researched hair restoration companies in Ireland and abroad. One company called HRBR constantly came up as being the best in their field with a purpose-built facility, which holds JCI accreditation. I was still very apprehensive and nervous as this was new to me, but I decided to make an appointment with the doctor for a consultation.

When I arrived at HRBR, I was welcomed and put at ease immediately by all the staff at HRBR. I explained my situation to the doctor and how the scar was affecting my mental health. The doctor gave me the time to listen to my issues and was very understanding. The way the doctor spoke with me was very down to earth and informative. When the doctor informed me that my scar could be treated while also managing my expectations, I immediately felt a huge weight taken off my shoulders.

I have had two procedures of hair transplanted into the scar area and the difference is unimaginable. My mental health and anxiety have dramatically improved. I believe if I did not attend HRBR, I would still be in a situation where my anxiety would be so severe that I wouldn’t be able to leave my house. I can now go out in public and into social situations which I could not before, which has changed my life completely.

I cannot thank and speak highly enough of all the team for everything they have done. HRBR are extremely professional, and really are the best in their field and I would urge anyone with any related issues to contact HRBR for a consultation.

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Treatment of scars before and after
Before and after this patient’s procedures at HRBR.

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