Study finds link between male pattern baldness and heart problems

A study in the online journal BMJ Open has found that men experiencing baldness are more likely to have heart problems than peers with no hair loss.

The study

Researchers in Japan studied the results from 37,000 men and compared their findings with previous research linking hair loss with heart trouble. They concluded that balding men were 32% more likely to have coronary heart disease. Baldness on the crown was associated with coronary heart disease, after taking into account other risk factors like age and family history.
Hair Restoration Blackrock welcomes the study’s scientific findings. Dr Maurice Collins of Hair Restoration Blackrock says: “The report has confirmed what has been suspected for some time, that men with significant baldness are more prone to the risks of cardiovascular disease, primarily coronary heart disease.”


What HRBR is doing

At Hair Restoration Blackrock, significant steps have been in place for many years to establish the likelihood of heart problems linked to hair loss prior to surgery.
Dr Collins explains “On a clinical basis we have been aware of these findings for some time and as a result all patients attending Hair Restoration Blackrock for surgery have a cardiovascular risk factor profile carried out prior to surgery.”

“To the best of my knowledge we are one of the few clinics in the world who carry out this pre- screening.  Every patient preparing for surgery with Hair Restoration Blackrock has a history and physical examination carried out as well as an ECG and if there is any suspicion at all of any possible risk factors associated with heart disease then the opinion of a specialist cardiologist is obtained.”


The researchers in the BMJ Open study concluded that the risks of heart disease because of male pattern baldness were less than those for smoking or obesity.

At Hair Restoration Blackrock, post-surgery patients come in once a year for a review. At this post-operative consultation further advice is offered about the importance of reducing cardiovascular risk factors such as smoking, high cholesterol, obesity, stress and lack of regular exercise.

It is far more important for men to address lifestyle issues such as smoking, lack of exercise, being overweight and investing in a proper diet, rather than worrying about their hairloss.

A summary presentation of the research can be viewed below


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