Laser Hair Removal Pre Treatment Advice

All patients must attend an initial consultation with the team where a medical history will be taken, a test patch will be carried out and the treatment will be explained in detail.

The below advice should be followed in preparation for laser hair removal treatment at HRBR in order to ensure best results;

4-6 Weeks Prior to Treatment

Do not wax or pluck the area at least 4 weeks prior to treatment and do not wax or pluck during treatment
Ensure that the area to be treated has had no sun exposure (including sun beds) in the 6 weeks prior to treatment and the area should not be exposed to the sun for the duration of treatment

2 Weeks Prior to Treatment

Bleach or depilatory creams should not be used for 2 weeks prior to treatment and should not be used at all during the course of your treatment
Do not use fake tan prior to treatment

Day Before and Day of Treatment

Please close shave the area to be treated the night before treatment (note it is not possible to shave the area for you). Shaving the area is the only method of hair removal recommended while undergoing laser hair removal treatment
Ensure that you have made the team aware of any change in your health or medications since your initial consultation and/ or last treatment
Wear loose fitting clothes on the day of treatment for comfort
On the day of treatment do not wear lotions, fake tan, make up etc. on the area to be treated
Do not use products containing Retinol or AHA prior to or during your laser hair removal treatment

About the Author

Aoife Curran

Aoife Curran

Nurse Manager

Aoife Curran is Nurse Manager at HRBR. She holds an honours degree in General Nursing from Trinity College Dublin. She has worked at HRBR since 2011. Previous to HRBR Aoife worked in Tallaght University Hospital. In 2017, Aoife underwent a specialised Trichology course for 2 years in London’s Institute of Trichology, where she gained an in depth knowledge of hair along with disorders of the scalp and hair. She then went on to complete a Level 4 certification for IPL and Laser Hair Removal and has gained valuable experience with laser hair removal.