Laser Hair Removal Prices

The cost of an initial consultation for laser hair removal at HRBR is €50. This amount is deductible from the cost of your treatments.

The initial consultation includes the below and normally lasts approximately 45 minutes;

  • Skin and Hair Assessment
  • Medical Assessment
  • Test Patch

Following this consultation our team will be able to provide you with a detailed quote for your treatment which will be based on the areas you would like addressed.

As a guide laser hair removal treatments at HRBR start from €60 for an individual treatment and courses of 6 treatments start from €250.

The number of treatments required usually varies from 6-10 treatments. Typically, we recommend a minimum of 6 treatment sessions to begin with to provide the best aesthetic outcome. For this reason we provide packages of 6 treatments for each treatment area.

Men’s Laser Hair Removal Price List

Note each patient will be quoted individually but the below is a guide to pricing for Laser Hair Removal Treatments at HRBR. Initial consultations cost €50 and this cost can be deducted from the cost of a course of treatments.

Men Price per Treatment Price for Course of 6 Treatments
Ear/ Nose €60 €250
Centre Brow €60 €250
Upper Cheeks €60 €250
Back or Front of Neck €100 €400
Beard €115 €450
Beard incl. Front of Neck €125 €550
Hands/Feet €75 €300
Forearms €125 €550
Underarm €125 €550
Upper Arms €125 €550
Full Arms €150 €650
Chest €150 €650
Abdominal Area €150 €650
Chest and Abdominal Area €200 €850
Upper Leg €150 €650
Lower Leg €150 €650
Full Leg €250 €1,000
Shoulders €125 €550
Middle Back €150 €650
Lower Back €150 €650
Full Back €225 €950