The Days After Surgery

I got back to work today, two days after surgery. Just felt I needed to get back as soon as possible. I felt totally fine heading in, glad to be getting back to a routine. The last thing I wanted was to be sitting around, I much prefer to get busy and let the new hair settle. One thing I can’t do now though is go to the gym, 4-6 weeks off! Going to the gym is not advisable with the stitching in the back of my head.

People have been extremely complimentary about my hair, which feels really good. Some comments like “You look much younger”, “You look different, can’t really tell why”. “ Have you lost weight?” It’s really quite amusing what people have said. The main thing though it’s been positive. In fact, the whole experience up to now has been completely positive, which is important if you go through something like this. It’s great to be getting such positive feedback on day 2. I know I’m in for a long wait though now till the end result.  What will happen is in about six weeks this new hair will fall out and in about 3-6 months the real hair will start growing. I guess now though the fun begins as the main work is done and now I am in the in the healing/growing phase. BRING IT ON…………….

Normally I would go to the gym every morning at 6am and lift pretty heavy weights and a run. I have been doing this regularly for the last 10 years or so I don’t mind getting a break from training, Let my body recuperate a bit.

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