The Weeks After Surgery

I went into Samson House today to get my stitches taken out. It took about 10 minutes, very quick and painless which was a relief. The new hair is settling in well. Before the procedure I was told that this new hair would fall out and grow back in about 3-6 months. I had also heard that in some cases the new hair does not fall out at all, it just keeps growing. I was convinced that I was one of the lucky few as my new hair was definitely growing. However, Jo (the nurse) told me that what was actually happening was the new hair follicles in my head were growing and actually pushing out the new hair. In about 3 months from now the new hair should start to become visible. I am not really looking forward to the hair falling out before re-growing as I have got accustomed to it. I have had some really great feedback and the more I think about the process the more I realise that it has had a positive effect in more ways than I imagined. I understand what “restoring more than hair” means. It’s much more than hair that I have gotten. How I feel about myself has changed. I feel really good about it, It feels right. I am enjoying the process.

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