Paul Percieval

Paul_PercievalMy name is Paul Percival. I’m one half of a salon group called Percy and Reeve in London. We have a salon in central London. We also have a range of products. Through launching this range of products, I found myself doing far more TV and advertising and promotion, than I had done previously in my career. And because of that I started to see myself on TV and on pictures and things that weren’t part of my life previously. And I think that’s when I noticed that the person I was looking at really didn’t look like the person I thought I did look like. So I thicken that’s when I first started to become aware of the fact that actually losing my hair was effecting the way I felt about myself. And it is confidence. For me that is the main reason why I did it. Was purely because I wanted to look like the person I thought I looked like.

I did my home work, really searched around. Obviously hair is what I know, so I wanted to find a company that was passionate about what it was they did. Hair Restoration Blackrock to me, was the reason why I felt naturally comfortable. The facility itself is amazing. And they do have a really great team. And as we all know it’s all about having a good team behind any project so you do feel like you’re in good hands. You get to meet the team. You get to see what it is they will be doing for you on the day. Have your own room that feels really nice, very private. You’ve got a TV and all the other things you want just to, you know, hang out. I definitely found the whole experience to be easier and less testing than I thought it would be. I had my wife with me the whole day, which I have to say was nice. And in a way coming from the UK, it’s actually quite nice to fly out to Ireland to have it done, because you can make almost a little bit of a trip out of it. And also you don’t have to talk to people or run into people. You get 24 or 48 hours or your own time.

Since coming and having a transplant, I’m obviously over the moon and I have been very open with everybody, because being a hairdresser the only thing I care about is that people love their hair. So a lot of male clients in the Salon, as well as my own clients, I spoken to about this, I have recommend to a lot of people to go and have it done.

I know that it was the right thing for me, because I don’t think about it. I don’t look in the mirror and think, ‘wow, I look dramatically different’. I look in the mirror and see the person that I thought I was seeing. I don’t have that surprise anymore, where I look in the mirror and go ‘wow, really is that where it’s all gone. So for me, it’s just made me less conscious about myself.

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