Patient Testimonials

My name is Frank (not real name) and this is my story. I’m sure it will help you. I first started to notice my hair loss at my 21st party. Of all nights. I was sitting at the bar with friends having some drinks. I happened to look into the mirror behind the bar. I could see a tiny bit of recession in the middle of my head. I carried on as normal, and tried not to think about it. Then many months later it started to get worse and more noticeable. This is where I choose the wrong path. I was 22 now at this stage. I saw an advert from a commercial clinic in a tabloid paper. So of course being young and vulnerable I picked up the phone. They were over the moon I phoned. I had a consultation 4 days later…

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I don’t know what it is about hair, but men have a thing about it.

Some men can accept it I suppose, when baldness begins earlier in life and is a slow process; in other words, when it slowly becomes part of their appearance, even part of their character. But there are some whom baldness attacks in another way and leaves them with the dreaded comb-over. They hate the comb-over, but they hate the thought of revealing their baldness even more. And the odd thing about it is that everyone else knows they have a comb-over. Still, they don’t mind as long as the bald pate is covered…

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Letter to a Young Man who is considering getting a Hair Transplant Procedure

To Whom It May Concern,

If you are reading this letter, you are lucky because when I was in your position I wish somebody had written such a letter for me to read. I appeal to you to read this letter and don’t make the mistakes I made…

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I am a 38 year old male who underwent a very successful hair restoration procedure at HRBR in March 2009 and I wish to outline my expereince of hair loss and hair restoration at HRBR.

I first noticed my hair beginning to thin on the crown of my head in my mid twenties. I was a little concerned and changed my diet and began more exercise to reverse the situation. However nothing I did worked and by the time I was 30 my hair loss was becoming a very real concern to me and was affecting my personal confidence and my social life.

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As a wheelchair user, I, Brian, would like to share my positive experience of HRBR at Sampson House with others.

I am a spinal injury T3 / T4 and last year decided to look into doing something about my hair loss. I carried out a Google search for hair restoration and found Sampson House HRBR in Blackrock, Co. Dublin. I phoned to make an appointment, stating that I was a wheelchair user. The receptionist told me that this would not be a problem since the building is fully accessible for wheelchair users.

Setting out for my first appointment and having been sent very detailed directions, I found that Sampson House was quite easy to find. Arriving for the first time, I parked my car outside the front of Sampson house clinic where there is a designated disabled parking space. I didn’t use the underground car park provided on my first visit since I wasn’t sure how to enter it. I found the access to the building itself quite easy. The reception area was easily accessed after buzzing the intercom, which is at a good height and easily reached. The front door is of a good width and easily accessed…

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Just sending a quick email to thank you and all the staff at HRBR for looking after me last Thursday.

Not surprisingly, and no doubt like all your patients, I was feeling quite apprehensive and a little nervous when I arrived on the morning. But I was immediately made to feel at ease. From then on, I couldn’t have wished for the day to have gone more smoothly. Everyone that I had to deal with was extremely courteous, friendly and professional…

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Dear everybody at HRBR

I left a little pressie for everyone to say how extremely happy I am.

You are always met with a smile at HRBR … standards are extremely high from the moment you arrive for any appointment.

Your medical standards are beyond comparison. Your expertise over the last two years fascinates me – the bar is continually being raised. This time it was like going to the movies and having your head massaged!…

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Dear Maurice,

I wish to thank you and your team for the exceptional care that I received during the course of my surgery last week. I truly felt that I was receiving the Star Treatment!. I am very grateful for the payment structure that you have put in place for me. This is very much appreciated by me.

I am very excited about the prospect of enjoying the full benefits of my treatment by summer. This has had the added benefit of lifting my spirits presently!.

Finally, I’d like to take the opportunity to wish you a peaceful Christmas and my best wishes for the year ahead.

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Dear Dr Collins,
A very sincere thank you for the wonderful care I experienced since my first visit to Samson House in Sept 2009. You have exceptional staff, starting with the girls at reception right through to Joanne and the nurses. The warm welcome, the kindness, sensitivity, efficiency and just the total ease. Nothing was rushed and there was great clarity about everything that was happening. I felt that your staff were hand picked for the great and very special work they do. You made everything so easy for me and I am very happy that I went ahead with it and I am very confident that the outcome will be good, please God.

Yours sincerely

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I am sixty two years old and I have been happy for most of my life. I started to lose hair from the back of the top of my head a number of years ago, this did not bother me as I still looked OK so in 2005 I got married. My lady wife Anne and I were very happy together, and still are but in 2008, 2009, 2010 I started to lose hair on the front of my head and this caused me great concern and took away my confidence. I heard about Hair Restoration Blackrock on the radio so I checked them up on the web and I phoned and made an appointment with them for an assessment. This assessment took a little while where they planned the whole procedure and the team there could not be more helpful, they were excellent. The result of the test was positive and showed that I was suitable for this type of transplant…

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