Health news: Hair Restoration Increasing Worldwide

Recent research  reported in the Hair Transplant Forum International, indicates that, despite adverse global economic conditions, hair restoration has seen strong growth since 2006 and is still growing.“…the extrapolated worldwide number of hair restoration patients treated in 2008 was approximately 811,363 (both surgical and non-surgical patients) – up 26% from 2006…The significant increase in hair  restoration patients coincides with an increase in both surgical and non-surgical procedures performed worldwide in 2008.  From 2006, the number of hair restoration surgical procedures increased 9% and the number of non-surgical procedures jumped 34%”.It appears that despite the global recession, only the US and Canada saw a drop in procedures performed (decreases of 1.7% and 58.3% respectively).  The Middle East saw an increase of 68%, the largest worldwide.  Asia experienced 37%, Australia 30.2%, Mexico/Central and South America 22.8%, and Europe saw 8.4% growth in procedures performed.  The largest decrease was seen by Canada, which experienced a drop of 58.3% in procedures performed. Another interesting aspect to the research is that it showed that women are turning to hair restoration in increasing numbers.  While men continue to be by far the largest group, there is a clear trend towards more women being treated for hair loss.  “Since 2004, the percent of female surgical hair restoration patients has increased from 11.4% in 2004 to 13.8% in 2006 to 15.1% in 2008.”The numbers of female non-surgical patients have also increased with women now comprising 31.8% of all non-surgical patients.

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